Cool Spaces: Perkins Stone Mansion points to Akron’s history

Furniture and decor are a mix of original Perkins family pieces and items donated to the historical society which fit the mansion’s time frame. Flouncy Victorian-era dresses, donated by local history buffs, are displayed on mannequins throughout the home.

The spacious parlor still has an air of grand elegance, from its ornate chandelier and family portraits done in oil paint to its window curtains and rug. The color scheme is muted earth tones. The parlor’s fireplace is a gleaming hunk of unpolished marble that was shipped from New York. “That would be a prestigious thing to have.

The “Pineapple bedroom,” called that because of the carvings on the wood bed, belonged to Anna Perkins, daughter of the original owners. The hand-carved mahogany furniture belonged to the Perkins family. (Gus Chan / The Plain Dealer)