Spectacular Mansion Finally For Sale After Sitting Abandoned For A Century

When I was a little kid, my parents used to drag me to the living-history museum and private foundation, Colonial Williamsburg in Virginia.

My mom made me dress up in homemade, period-appropriate attire you would see in the late 1600s and, to my horror, made me go out in public.

Although I was embarrassed and uncomfortable in my colonial dress, the actors and tour guides somehow managed to get my 10-year-old self interested in the history Colonial Williamsburg had to offer.

The reconstructed Governor’s Palace, the Capitol, and even the Courthouse were so beautiful and almost otherworldly.

Across the pond, in the heart of London’s East End, sits an old mansion with an incredible history of its own.

The sprawling residence was built in 1741 and has since been painstakingly restored by its owners to allow people to catch a glimpse into what life was like over 250 years ago.

If you’re a fan of history, scroll down to see the unique and odd rooms that have miraculously survived over time, and let us know what you think in the comments! 

Originally built in 1741, this five-bedroom, seven-reception-room mansion sat empty for over a century.

What lies behind those doors is nothing short of incredible.

The sprawling residence is called Malplaquet House and is one of the most remarkable homes in London.

The home is well-preserved, despite its proximity to bustling modern roads.

Malplaquet House was one of three houses built by Thomas Andrews.

Two of them still survive today.

The four-story-high, five-bays-wide building feels like a sort of oasis in the midst of London’s East End.

Thick green foliage, jasmine, and wisteria plants give those who visit a feeling that they’ve stepped into another time.

As the years went on, Malplaquet House was modernized to fit the styles of the times.

In the late 1700s to the early 1800s, the mansion was extended and opened up to create two reception rooms on either side of the entrance hall.

In the mid-1800s, the fortunes that once built this house up began to decline.

The rooms were divided to accommodate multiple residences and two shops were built in the front garden.

For a time, Malplaquet House was even used as storage, which would explain many of the oddities you see throughout the unusual home.

In 1997, the Spitalfields Trust rescued the house, along with its sibling next door, and slowly began to repair the home.

Guided by historic documentation, the Malplaquet House was restored to its former glory.

The London home is now up for sale for over $4 million!

The property is managed by Right Move, which says the mansion is “one of the grandest and best-preserved of all the historic old houses in the area.”

In addition to its five bedrooms and entertainment rooms, the mansion includes a breakfast room, a drawing room, a marble-shelved larder for storing food, and even a wine cellar.

The grand amount of space is incredible enough; however, the small details are equally mesmerizing.

The first floor’s 18th-century appearance remains intact, and incredible amounts of historic artwork remain untouched.

Admittedly, this London home may not be everyone’s cup of tea.

The decorations and artwork are a lot to take in.

For lovers of history, however, the Malplaquet House is an incredible opportunity to appreciate London’s past.

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