The Story Behind This Ghost Town Cemetery In Mississippi Will Chill You To The Bone

Head about 30 miles northeast of Natchez and you’ll find Rodney – one of Mississippi’s most notorious ghost towns. At one time, Rodney was destined for big things; however, a series of unfortunate events completely changed its fate. Today, the eerily quiet town is home to just a few dilapidated buildings and one desolate cemetery that will chill you to the bone. Take a look:

Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, Rodney Presbyterian Church is one of the few buildings still standing in the deserted town.

While the church is a well-known landmark, many are unaware there is a cemetery located in the woods behind it.

Reaching the cemetery requires a bit of a hike up a steep, heavily-rutted path.

Follow the path, and you’ll eventually stumble upon the graveyard.

Deep in the woods, it’s filled with crumbling headstones, which are nearly camouflaged by overgrown trees and greenery.

Desolate (and a tad creepy), it’s estimated that there are hundreds of forgotten graves in Rodney.

Several of the graves are unmarked and sporadically scattered throughout the woods.

While others are situated behind wrought iron fences in family graveyards.

Many of the headstones feature inscriptions that tell the story of the grave’s occupant.