We love old photos from inside homes that give a glimpse in to daily life. Such is the case with this 1865 photo called “Interieur”

Here’s one of our favorites: Marcel Vanderkindere’s image of a summer lounge in Belgium in 1895. That rocking chair sure looks welcoming, doesn’t it?

A rare view inside a 19th century Victorian home. Isn’t it lovely? Makes me want to light a fire and just sit and enjoy.

Inside an 1880’s home. You can tell from the gun, rug, and antlers that this was a hunting family and from the spinning wheel that while they were fairly well-off, they still made due with what they had.

An elegant, high-ceilinged home in Cortland, New York in the 1890s. You can imagine that it would take quite the fire to keep that room warm in winter!


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