Legend of Raleigh’s Abandoned Mansion

Located somewhere along the Raleigh-Durham line is a location that seems a bit surreal when all of the factors are taken into consideration.  The Webb Estate is a 2.3 million dollar mansion, reportedly left behind by a rather devious local “investor” and his family after a string of legal battles and suits.

Despite its impressive size and general notoriety, this location had us digging, driving, and almost giving up before we stumbled upon it miles from the coordinates we had found through scouring the internet.

Contrary to the multitude of warnings given by others, the home was devoid of any kind of locks, chains, trespassing signs, or squatters.  Funnily enough, we were actually able to drive right up to the entrance.  We did a quick run through the house to make sure we were truly alone before bringing in our cameras and such for a more calculated investigation; we were relieved to find few signs of life past dusty beer cans and layers of graffiti.

Actually, one of the most strikingly ironic things about this locale is the fact that it is almost entirely ransacked, which is even more disturbing considering how little time this has been abandoned compared to other spots we’ve ventured to — walls broken down to the rafters, every visible surface covered in graffiti, all tell-tale signs of drunken teenage outings and hope-to-be vandals.

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